A01.01 Typhoid meningitis

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GEM Conversion to ICD-9 CM

Fs: 10000 Typhoid fever

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Fever (inanition) (of unknown origin) (persistent) (with chills) (with rigor) R50.9
typhoid (abortive) (hemorrhagic) (intermittent) (malignant) A01.00
complicated by
Meningitis (basal) (basic) (brain) (cerebral) (cervical) (congestive) (diffuse) (hemorrhagic) (infantile) (membranous) (metastatic) (nonspecific) (pontine) (progressive) (simple) (spinal) (subacute) (sympathetic) (toxic) G03.9
in (due to)
Typhoid (abortive) (ambulant) (any site) (clinical) (fever) (hemorrhagic) (infection) (intermittent) (malignant) (rheumatic) (Widal negative) A01.00

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