A38.9 Scarlet fever, uncomplicated

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Scarlet fever, NOS

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Fs: 10000 Scarlet fever

MDC / MS-DRG Reference

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Canker (mouth) (sore) K12.0
Disease, diseased See also Syndrome
Febris, febrile See also Fever
Fever (inanition) (of unknown origin) (persistent) (with chills) (with rigor) R50.9
disease (trigeminal neuralgia) See also Neuralgia, trigeminal
Rash (toxic) R21
Scarlatina (anginosa) (maligna) A38.9
Scarlet fever (albuminuria) (angina) A38.9

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A00-B99 Certain infectious and parasitic diseases (A00-B99)
A30-A49 Other bacterial diseases (A30-A49)
A38 Scarlet fever
A38.9 Scarlet fever, uncomplicated
Applicable to
Scarlet fever, NOS