A52.19 Other symptomatic neurosyphilis

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Syphilitic parkinsonism

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Aphasia (amnestic) (global) (nominal) (semantic) (syntactic) R47.01
Chorioretinitis See also Inflammation, chorioretinal
Cord See also condition
Epilepsy, epileptic, epilepsia (attack) (cerebral) (convulsion) (fit) (seizure) G40.909
syphilitic (epidural) A52.19
Gumma (syphilitic) A52.79
Meningoencephalocele See also Encephalocele
Meningomyelocele See also Spina bifida
Neurosyphilis (arrested) (early) (gumma) (late) (latent) (recurrent) (relapse) A52.3
with ataxia (cerebellar) (locomotor) (spastic) (spinal) A52.19
parenchymatous (degenerative) A52.19
Parkinsonism (idiopathic) (primary) G20
due to
central nervous system (late) (recurrent) (relapse) (tertiary) A52.3
Ulcer, ulcerated, ulcerating, ulceration, ulcerative
lower limb (atrophic) (chronic) (neurogenic) (perforating) (pyogenic) (trophic) (tropical) L97.909

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