B99 Other and unspecified infectious diseases

Coding Notes

Non-billable / Non-specific, not valid for HIPAA-covered transactions

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Conjunctivitis NOS (staphylococcal) (streptococcal) H10.9
in (due to)
Encephalitis (chronic) (hemorrhagic) (idiopathic) (nonepidemic) (spurious) (subacute) G04.90
in (due to)
in (due to)
Mastoiditis (coalescent) (hemorrhagic) (suppurative) H70.9-
in (due to)
in (due to)
Neuritis (rheumatoid) M79.2
acoustic (nerve) See also subcategory H93.3
in (due to)
Otitis (acute) H66.90
in (due to)
Palsy See also Paralysis G83.9
cranial nerve See also Disorder, nerve, cranial
Pneumonia (acute) (double) (migratory) (purulent) (septic) (unresolved) J18.9
Polyneuropathy (peripheral) G62.9
in (due to)

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A00-B99 Certain infectious and parasitic diseases (A00-B99)
B99-B99 Other infectious diseases (B99)
B99 Other and unspecified infectious diseases
B99.8 Other infectious disease
B99.9 Unspecified infectious disease