H70.2 Petrositis

Coding Notes

Non-billable / Non-specific, not valid for HIPAA-covered transactions

Applicable To

Inflammation of petrous bone

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Code Title
H60-H95 Diseases of the ear and mastoid process (H60-H95)
H65-H75 Diseases of middle ear and mastoid (H65-H75)
H70 Mastoiditis and related conditions
H70.2 Petrositis
Applicable to
Inflammation of petrous bone

H70.20 Unspecified petrositis
H70.201 Unspecified petrositis, right ear
H70.202 Unspecified petrositis, left ear
H70.203 Unspecified petrositis, bilateral
H70.209 Unspecified petrositis, unspecified ear
H70.21 Acute petrositis
H70.211 Acute petrositis, right ear
H70.212 Acute petrositis, left ear
H70.213 Acute petrositis, bilateral
H70.219 Acute petrositis, unspecified ear
H70.22 Chronic petrositis
H70.221 Chronic petrositis, right ear
H70.222 Chronic petrositis, left ear
H70.223 Chronic petrositis, bilateral
H70.229 Chronic petrositis, unspecified ear