M79.6 Pain in limb, hand, foot, fingers and toes

Coding Notes

Non-billable / Non-specific, not valid for HIPAA-covered transactions

Tyoe 2 Excludes

pain in joint (M25.5-)

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Code Title
M00-M99 Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue (M00-M99)
M70-M79 Other soft tissue disorders (M70-M79)
M79 Other and unspecified soft tissue disorders, not elsewhere classified
M79.6 Pain in limb, hand, foot, fingers and toes
Type 2 Excludes
pain in joint (M25.5-)

M79.60 Pain in limb, unspecified
M79.601 Pain in right arm
M79.602 Pain in left arm
M79.603 Pain in arm, unspecified
M79.604 Pain in right leg
M79.605 Pain in left leg
M79.606 Pain in leg, unspecified
M79.609 Pain in unspecified limb
M79.62 Pain in upper arm
M79.621 Pain in right upper arm
M79.622 Pain in left upper arm
M79.629 Pain in unspecified upper arm
M79.63 Pain in forearm
M79.631 Pain in right forearm
M79.632 Pain in left forearm
M79.639 Pain in unspecified forearm
M79.64 Pain in hand and fingers
M79.641 Pain in right hand
M79.642 Pain in left hand
M79.643 Pain in unspecified hand
M79.644 Pain in right finger(s)
M79.645 Pain in left finger(s)
M79.646 Pain in unspecified finger(s)
M79.65 Pain in thigh
M79.651 Pain in right thigh
M79.652 Pain in left thigh
M79.659 Pain in unspecified thigh
M79.66 Pain in lower leg
M79.661 Pain in right lower leg
M79.662 Pain in left lower leg
M79.669 Pain in unspecified lower leg
M79.67 Pain in foot and toes
M79.671 Pain in right foot
M79.672 Pain in left foot
M79.673 Pain in unspecified foot
M79.674 Pain in right toe(s)
M79.675 Pain in left toe(s)
M79.676 Pain in unspecified toe(s)